Insurers use CargoNet in a variety of ways to help recover stolen cargo and to help policyholders reduce the chance of becoming victims of cargo theft.

Insurers maximize CargoNet’s benefits by:

  • Provide same day reporting via First Notice of Loss procedures
  • Offer policyholders an incentive tied to prompt reportin
  • Familiarize internal disciplines with the value of prompt reporting
  • Analyze cargo theft trends and benchmark against industry statistics
  • Promote CargoNet membership to policyholders
  • Promote Cargonet membership through distribution channels

Many leading cargo insurers have supported CargoNet from a very early stage. Without their support, CargoNet would not be possible. Those insurers are CargoNet charter members, and it is their contribution that is helping to change supply-chain security.

Agents, Brokers, MGAs and MGUs

Leading cargo and transportation insurance agents and brokers have aligned with CargoNet to ensure that their staff and clients are well informed of important trends in cargo theft and ways in which the industry is combating the problem.  These companies understand the importance of helping their clients control risk through a layered approach to security and the unique role that CargoNet plays in this approach.

If you’re an insurance agent, broker, MGA or MGU, you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about CargoNet.