Law Enforcement Network

Our nationwide recovery network includes over 9,000 police agencies and 120,000 officers giving members a powerful advantage over would-be thieves. CargoNet operations are managed by former federal task force leaders, security analysts, and experienced police investigators.  more »



Recovery Assistance

CargoNet has been instrumental in the recovery of millions of dollars in stolen cargo, including: a million-dollar electronics heist in California, a $200,000 pharmaceutical theft in Georgia, a $250,000 apparel theft in New Jersey, and many more.



Security Enhancement

Cargo theft is estimated to be a billion-dollar problem. Don’t fight it alone. CargoNet gives you insider information: trends, alerts, and advice to keep your loads safe. Plus, if your cargo is stolen, we’ll help retrieve it.

About CargoNet

Created in 2009 to combat the billion-dollar cargo crime problem, CargoNet’s purpose is to prevent cargo theft and increase recovery rates through secure and controlled information sharing among theft victims, their business partners, and law enforcement. CargoNet provides a layered approach to cargo security with proactive deterrence methods, extensive recovery assistance, and coordinated theft communications. CargoNet’s 24/7/365 support center and subject matter experts become an extension of your company’s security program. Additionally, members receive local and national cargo crime alerts, safety tips, theft trend information, quarterly and annual cargo theft reports, safety education webinars and guides, and much more.


 Theft Reports

The latest US cargo theft trends and data.




 Case Studies

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